What Would Make You Thrilled With Your Life?

gents-07Do you really want a relationship? Would you rather have great sex occasionally? What would you like to have? What would make you thrilled with your life? That’s the most important thing you can choose. If you choose that, women will want you like crazy. If you don’t choose that, you’ll be giving you up all the time as though that’s what’s valuable.

If you truly want to have a relationship, let’s get you a good one, damn it. You’ve got bad relationships down to a fine science. You need to look at whether it’s going to work for you and whether it’s going to work for the person you want to have relationship with.

A couple of years ago, I realized there was a woman I could have a relationship with and it would really work for me, but I saw that what she wanted was something I couldn’t give her. The relationship wasn’t going to work for her. So I gave up the potential of the relationship in favor of her getting what she wanted.

You have to look at all those things and be aware of them. You have to look at this stuff from a different place.

Have you ever asked for a relationship where you have to give up no part of you? Where you get to have all of you no matter what the situation is? Women think they have to require you to give yourself up, but if you give yourself up, they want to get rid of you.

Have you ever given up your choice of who you could have in your life based on your relationship? Do you notice that, when you don’t give yourself up, there are more women who find you attractive? When you don’t give yourself up, does your partner want you more than she did before?

Stop giving yourself up, because what a woman truly wants, requires, and desires of a man is that he not give himself up. She wants a man who is willing to be everything he is rather than just some of the things he is.

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