What Kind of Future Is She Trying to Create?

gents-06Originally, women’s job was to be willing and able to create a future, because women are more willing to see it than most men are. It doesn’t mean they’re better. It just means they’re more willing.

Most humanoid men would rather have a comfortable life and create a nest for their children than go out in the world and conquer it.

Women want to create a future. The travesty done to women has been to make them believe that their desire for the future is about children, which is not actually so. They are not doing what they’re doing for children. They’re doing what they’re doing for what will create a different possibility.

When you’re with a woman, you have to look at “What kind of future is she trying to create here?” If she is trying to create a future that is about having children, she’s buying into this reality. Is that the reality you want to live by? If you get that she’s trying to create babies, are you going to have the same kind of relationship with her that you would if she wasn’t?

If you start looking at what the future is that she is trying to create, you will no longer buy into the wrongness of you. When a woman is willing to create a future that includes you, it’s not going to make the wrongness of you more real than the choice you make.

What would you create if you knew what future she was trying to create? If she’s trying to create a greater future than you’re willing to have, can you be with her? Probably not.

You have to be willing to create the future she’s willing to have. How great a future is she willing to have? If you’re willing to know that, you can create anything with her. You can create a relationship. Let’s say you were with a woman who desired to go out and conquer the world and you were perfectly happy being home, not doing a whole lot. If that was the case, could that woman stay with you? Probably not. Then you’d have to ask, “Can we create anything good?”

The only way you can create a relationship is if her desire for future and your capacity to go there can match. If you look at the relationships that haven’t worked for you in the past, did the woman have a desire for a future that you had no desire for? That is why those relationships didn’t work.

That may explain why you have bailed out, or pulled out, or chosen not to see a woman anymore. It’s because you were aware of the future. Were you aware of it but unwilling to see it? Did you make yourself wrong for it?

If the woman has a future in which you have to be a follower, are you going to be any good at that? Are you a follower? Are you willing to be a leader? Or are you trying to avoid being the leader you could be?

Many men get so involved with the women in their life, thinking they’re going to choose something that’s going to make everything work more easily. How often does that occur?

If you can see what has not been working in your life, you can create something greater. You have the ability to create something other people don’t have the ability to create. What could you create now, that you have not yet chosen?

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