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What is the Gentlemen’s Club?

What is being a man in a rapidly changing world?


In a new and changing world, what does being a man really mean? In The Gentlemen’s Club, Gary Douglas and a group of men candidly explore the possibilities that can exist for men in a changing world. They discuss how men can adapt, change, grow, and thrive.

Men are expected to achieve in so many areas in life. Yet many men find this challenging and often elusive. Men are so often expected to be empowered and strong. Yet current rates of anxiety, depression and suicide are very high among men. Have men ever been encouraged to be men?

The Gentlemen’s Club covers a vast array of topics, including men’s relationships with women, sex, commitment, and so much more. It is a fascinating exploration of men in a modern time. Gary Douglas offers tools and advice on how men can grow and thrive in a changing world, and discover what would make them thrilled with their life.

Gary Douglas skilfully delves into what truly being a man is. He facilitates men to begin to trust themselves again and to become aware of different possibilities. The use of simple and effective tools from Access Consciousness® opens into incredible change and growth in men’s lives. This book helps men to recognize the gift they can be. It allows men to see how they can be a contribution in a changing world.

As one participant said: “I’m so grateful for The Gentlemen’s Club. For the first time in my life, I’m happy about being a man and being in a man’s body.”

Gary Douglas wants every person to be happy and live a life of ease. He talks about trusting yourself as a man and creating a sense of partnership with other men, rather than a functioning from a place of competition. He looks at how men can operate from a space of kindness for themselves, their partners and families and their peer groups. This book offers tools and techniques that facilitate change in every area of life in a joyful way.

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